when you're 80 years old, you're going to adore this body

your body deserves
to be celebrated

Have you noticed that we spend so much time wishing things were different or waiting for some day in the future? How much more freedom would we find if we embraced ourselves and all that we have in this life right here, right now?

Boudoir is about embracing your present self; it’s about loving yourself and thanking every part of your body for where you've made it to today. It's about celebrating and honouring yourself, your soul, and your WHOLE body exactly as it is right now. 

+ 20 edited images
+ proof-selection gallery
+ style guide
+ printing rights
+ high-resolution downloads
+ custom 6x6 heirloom album
+ fine art print shop

Deluxe Collection

+ 10 edited images
+ proof-selection gallery
+ style guide
+ printing rights
+ high-resolution downloads
+ fine art print shop

Essentials Collection

Loving yourself is the most powerful thing you can do in this world. Showing up, confident in who you are is so fucking beautiful and I am committed to bringing out that fierceness within yourself during your experience. Be bold, my babe!

All sessions include three hour session with empowerment meditation practice, three outfit changes + just the sheets, bubbly and a charcuterie spread!

the intimate wedding collections

*I deeply value the experience offered to you and these collections are built with that in mind. You are welcome to add anything from the a la carte menu to your collection but you cannot take away.*

All collections include access to my full service print shop through your digital gallery. Print shop includes fine art prints, etc.

+ love more in your proofs gallery?
+ select additional images for full editing

a la carte

Additional Edits | $25

Heirloom Album | $500

Polaroid Photos | $100

+ 6x6 custom album wrapped in cotton
+ 20 elegantly designed pages

+ instant, timeless keepsakes

Honey, this session is all about discovering the extraordinary sunshine of self-love and channeling that inner Shakira you've got inside your soul! I'm not rushing you through this session, I'm dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to flourish in your own skin! Here's what it'll look like from start, to finish:

When you’re ready to proceed, click “connect” in the menu bar and it’ll prompt you to connect with me via email! I’ll send you an email with all of the booking information. Once you've confirmed your session and we've set up your date and all the other dirty little details, I'm going to send you a handy little boudoir guide to help you prepare. It'll include tips on what to wear, what to expect, how to prep your skin, etc. Remember, this session is a celebration of you and your body. I am dedicated to your emotional and physical comfort - your ideas, thoughts, fears, and excitements are welcome here.

what to expect when you book

your empowerment experience from a to z

When you arrive at the studio, I'm gonna have tunes already playing and some snacks & mimosas ready to go! Think of this as a girl's day where we just get to hang out, snack, and spill the tea! Before we get down to the business of posing, I want to walk us through some self-love empowerment practices, setting our mind at ease over who we are and the strength of our bodies!

Remember that this is a process, not a quick in-and-out kind of session. If you’ve worked with me before, you’ll know that we move pretty quick! That’s not the case for boudoir. I want us to really embrace the present moment and enjoy it without feeling rushed through the day. Expect to hang out at the studio for at least 3 hours, girl! This isn’t a race!

what to expect when you arrive

self-love is a beautiful journey

Okay, if this wasn't all exciting enough - it's time for the gallery delivery! You'll notice that each collection offers a varying amount of imagery. All images will have their base edits when you receive them, but they'll be within a low-resolution proof gallery. You won't be able to download or print these images, but you can select the ones you're in love with and I'll finalize the edits on the images you select! If your collection includes an album, I'll get started on that design once you've selected your top images. Finally, I'll send the final album design proof to you for approval before the order is placed on my end!

You’ll receive your proof gallery within a week; your final gallery within 2 weeks of your selection; your album within 6-8 weeks of your final gallery delivery.

the delivery process

this is the part that's magic

If you’re concerned about images I share on social media and my website, please don’t be! Any images I share online will be discussed with you first. The privacy of your images is of the highest importance to me; I share images with nobody but you. Once you have seen and enjoyed your images, I’ll have you create 3 “favourites galleries” for me; your final gallery selections, images I can share on social media, and images I can share on my website/client marketing.

Your consent is so important in the building of my marketing materials. If you are uncomfortable with any images being used, that is your decision and I 100% respect that!

the privacy of your photos

you're my girl & i protect my girls


"Caitlin was an absolute gem to work with! She made the whole process more smooth, fun, and confidence-boosting than I could have imagined. I went in feeling nervous to have my photo taken, and she was nothing but supportive and encouraging the entire shoot! I would recommend her to anyone."

She made the whole process so confidence-boosting!


"Caitlin is unreal. She’s so personable and so fun. She makes you feel so relaxed while taking photos. I’m always over the moon happy when I get my final edits. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for engagement, wedding, boudoir and so on. She made me feel so confident. Hands down such an amazing person/photographer. Love her"

She makes you feel so relaxed and confident in front of the camera


"Caitlin worked her magic and she helped me through my session with feeling more comfortable and natural with lots of laughter and great conversations. It was a pleasure to have my very first boudoir session with her. I was a bucket of nerves to be doing this shoot but yet again Caitlin made the experience absolutely amazing and fun!! She made me feel beautiful in so many ways. Not only is she amazing to work with but her photos are stunning and she always goes above and beyond to help you feel confident in any way she can"

She made me feel so beautiful.


"Caitlin made my boudoir experience one of a kind with her infectious smile and enthusiasm; she has one of the most memorable and exceptional personalities you will ever encounter. A boudoir session is such an intimate experience and can be intimidating getting in front of the camera, but this was not the case with Caitlin. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard or felt so comfortable in my own body in my entire life. She started the day off by opening up her studio to me with champagne and the most delicious charcuterie board, which immediately set the atmosphere as carefree and energetic. Her attention to detail is out of this world; she helped guide me into poses that complimented my body type and caught the sunlight coming through the window in the most beautiful way. Looking at these photos, I now have a new appreciation and love for my body. Thank you, Caitlin, for not only helping create a unique wedding gift for my husband but for gifting me with a newly found self-confidence."

I've never felt so comfortable in my own body in my entire life.


"Caitlin shot my first ever boudoir shoot and I had the most amazing time. She made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and very confident in myself throughout the whole process. The work she does is amazing and will always put your needs first as a client, I highly recommend Caitlin for any type of shoot you want to get done!"

Caitlin made me feel so comfortable and confident!

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