i'm caitlin louisa

I live on the Eastern edge of Winnipeg with my adorable nearly-two-year-old pup, Olive! We love outdoor adventures, so living as close as we can to Birds Hill Provincial Park and the Whiteshell is perfect for us and our adventure hearts! You'll often find Olive and I sleeping in my tent somewhere near a lake, hiking a new trail, borrowing someone's canoe, or running around in the forests and fields. Whether it's close to home or some place far away, we're frequent outdoor enthusiasts. 

My ultimate dream is to live a slow life; to embrace the people that matter the most; and to be intentional with every new day I'm offered. If you're familiar with the 5 love languages; I'm big into quality time and words of affirmation (hint: I adore cards & heartfelt little notes). I've lived in New Zealand and I've got a major travel bug; I've seen 11 countries so far and I can't wait to explore more of the world. I love a good pickled caesar (all the fixings) with my Sunday breakfast, a slice of pepperoni & mushroom 'za with my brewski, and I have a major sweet tooth but I'm a monster when it comes to popcorn. For real, I devour my gourmet stovetop popped corn at least once a week. I'm talking GOUR.MET. I toss that shit in truffle oil or dill oil or chipotle mango or even like PB2 powder & chocolate pudding mix...drooling yet? HMU for some good popcorn recipes!

Though I've fumbled around with a camera for a long time, it was in September 2017 that I met some incredibly talented creatives that opened my eyes to the world of wedding photography. I instantly fell wildly in love with the art of pausing beautiful, authentic human connection within a single frame. In 2019, I took my passionate side hustle and said YES to being all-in as a full-time photographer. I'm literally living my dream career, capturing your unhindered, raw moments. 

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Hey there, honeybabe, I'm so glad you've found me!

Every couple that I've had the joy of photographing has said one or all of these things! TBH babes - I don't work with professional models and I'm very aware that being photographed is uncomfortable for most humans (PSA: I'm "awkward" too). What I promise you, though, is that I am committed to making this experience the most enjoyable it can possibly be for you! I am committed to making our time spent together memorable, impactful and just straight up FUN. 

Babes, throw away your idea of what being photographed is like because I'm about to get real with you! Let's run around in a space that matters to you; make the worst jokes; play the most ridiculous games; whisper sweet nothings; and pull that magic out of a beautiful story that already exists within you! I believe in capturing beautiful images that are found within an authentic space that feels natural, raw, and completely comfortable. 

"We've never done this before."
"What do I do with my hands?"
"I'm so nervous!"
"I'm the most awkward in photos." 

my approach + your experience

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